Master in Dart Language and Flutter App Development

Course Duration: 40 Hours
Class Type: Online Live

Shibaji Debnath

Flutter Mobile Apps Development Training to Build Scalable Apps

Prerequisite: Basic Programming

Duration: 40 Hours

Class Type: Online Live Class

Price: ₹20000/-

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Dart & Flutter

Create Native iOS and Android Apps with Flutter

Open source framework for building truly native mobile apps with Dart and Flutter.

Overview of Essential Skills

  • Setup Requirements
  • Dart SDK Setup
  • Flutter SDK Setup
  • Visual Studio Code Editor Setup
  • CLI Setup
  • CLI Basis

Dart Language Tutorial

  1. What is Dart Language?
  2. Programming Languages Fundamentals
  3. Dart Syntax
  4. Variables, Variables Types
  5. Functions, What is the main function? Function Details
  6. Operators
  7. Control Flow Statements: 
    • If and else
    • For Loops
    • While and do-while
    • Break and Continue
    • Switch and Case
  8. Exceptions or Error Handling
  9. Classes
    • Using class members
    • Using constructors
    • Getting an object’s type
    • Instance variables
    • Constructors
    •  Using class members
    •   Getting an object’s type
    •   Methods
    •   Abstract classes
    •   Implicit interfaces
    •   Extending a class
    •   Overriding members
    •   noSuchMethod()
    •   Extension methods
    •   Enumerated types
    •   Adding features to a class: mixins
    •   Class variables and methods
  • Generics
    • Why use generics?
    • Using collection literals
    • Using parameterized types with constructors
    • Generic collections and the types they contain
    • Restricting the parameterized type
    • Using generic methods
  • Libraries and visibility
    • Using libraries
    • Implementing libraries
  • Asynchrony support
    • Handling Futures
    • Declaring async functions
    • Handling Streams

Core Concept

  • Technical Overview
  • Modules
  • Application Architecture
  • Application Lifecycle
  • Flutter Bootstrap
  • Navigations
  • Nested Navigation
  • Data Binding
  • Using Plugins
  • Accessing Native APIs through Dart
  • Metadata
  • Memory Management
  • Multi-Threading Model
  • Utils
  • Dart Modules in Flutter Apps
  • Project Structure
  • Error Handling
  • Android Runtime
  • IOS Runtime

User Interface

  • Layouts
  • Components
  • Styling
  • Dark Mode
  • Theme
  • Image Resources
  • Gestures
  • Animations

Data and Backend

  • State management
  • Networking & Http
  • JSON and Serialization

Packages and Plugins

  • Using Packages

Testing and Debugging

Performance & Optimization


  • Build and release an Android app
  • Build and release an iOS app


  • Flutter Extension for VS Code
  • Change App ID
  • Setup IOS and Android Emulators

Mobile Projects

  • Creating a new project
  • Importing a boiler-plate project
  • Enabling DartVM for existing projects

Obtaining and Using Signing Certificate Keys

  • Apple Developer program
  • Android Developer keys

 2 Project in this Training Session


  • Animate a page route transition
  • Animate a widget using a physics simulation
  • Animate the properties of a container
  • Fade a widget in and out


  • Add a Drawer to a screen
  • Display a snackbar
  • Export fonts from a package
  • Update the UI based on the orientation
  • Use a custom font
  • Use themes to share colors and font styles
  • Work with tabs


  • Create a download button
  • Create a nested navigation flow
  • Create a photo filter carousel
  • Create a scrolling parallax effect
  • Create a shimmer-loading effect
  • Create a staggered menu animation
  • Create a typing indicator
  • Create an expandable FAB
  • Create gradient chat bubbles
  • Drag a UI element


  • Build a form with validation
  • Create and style a text field
  • Focus and text fields
  • Handle changes to a text field
  • Retrieve the value of a text field


  • Add Material touch ripples
  • Handle taps
  • Implement swipe to dismiss


  • Display images from the internet
  • Fade-in images with a placeholder
  • Work with cached images


  • Create a grid list
  • Create a horizontal list
  • Create lists with different types of items
  • Place a floating app bar above a list
  • Use lists
  • Work with long lists


  • Report errors to a service
  • Animate a widget across screens
  • Navigate to a new screen and back
  • Navigate with named routes
  • Pass arguments to a named route
  • Return data from a screen
  • Send data to a new screen


  • Delete data on the internet
  • Fetch data from the internet
  • Make authenticated requests
  • Parse JSON in the background
  • Send data to the internet
  • Update data over the internet
  • Work with WebSockets


  • Persist data with SQLite
  • Read and write files
  • Store key-value data on disk


  • Play and pause a video
  • Take a picture using the camera



  • An introduction to integration testing
  • Handle scrolling
  • Performance profiling


  • An introduction to unit testing
  • Mock dependencies using Mockito


  • An introduction to widget testing
  • Find widgets
  • Tap, drag, and enter the text

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