NodeJS, ExpressJS & MongoDb

Course Duration: 40 Hours
Class Type: Online Live

Shibaji Debnath

Website Application / Software Development in JavaScript Course – Complete Guidance on JavaScript, NodeJS, ExpressJs and MongoDB

Prerequisite: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Duration: 40 Hours

Class Type: Online Live Class

Price: ₹20000/-

Get a professional JavaScript training course with the expert Shibaji Debnath. In this course, you will learn JavaScript & ES6 quickly and profoundly in short periods of time. Nowadays, many companies are working with the new and most popular framework of the software industry i.e. angular. If you are thinking to develop your career with JavaScript, it is very fine; but to be a professional in this field, you need to enrol in the best JavaScript course.

JavaScript has become the most popular programming language in the software industry because it is backed by Google. Besides this, it is broadly used for making dynamic applications. Nobody likes to write bunches of code. After introducing JavaScript & ES6, its data binding and dependency injection feature significantly tone down the number of writing codes. For that reason, the demand for JavaScript development is extensively high. Maximum developers these days use JavaScript for creating mobile, desktop and website applications. Also, it can help you make embedded systems and games.

Shibaji Debnath is affording comprehensive training in JavaScript Training classes. By availing of the course, you can also obtain JavaScript training as well. You can avail yourself of your courses for JavaScript training classes both in the offline and online plan. Therefore, if you want to participate in JavaScript classes physically, you are most welcome, but if you can’t manage your time with here’s batch timing, no problem! you can also perceive our JavaScript training online.

Let’s Take a Look at Our Complete NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB & MySql Training

JavaScript Objects:

  • JavaScript – Objects
  • JavaScript – Number
  • JavaScript – Boolean
  • JavaScript – Strings
  • JavaScript – Array
  • JavaScript – Date
  • JavaScript – Math
  • JavaScript – RegExp
  • JavaScript – HTML DOM

JavaScript Advanced

  • JavaScript Advance
  • JavaScript – Error Handling
  • JavaScript – Validating
  • JavaScript – Animation
  • JavaScript – Multimedia
  • JavaScript – Debugging
  • JavaScript – Image Map
  • JavaScript on Browsers

NodeJS Details

  • NodeJS Introduction
  • NodeJS vs Traditional Web Server
  • NodeJS Data Type
  • NodeJS Numbers
  • NodeJS Booleans
  • NodeJS Strings
  • NodeJS String Functions

Built-in Objects:

  • NodeJS Objects
  • NodeJS JSON
  • NodeJS Arrays
  • NodeJS Array Functions


  • NodeJS Functions
  • NodeJS Higher Order Function


  • NodeJS Operator
  • NodeJS Loop Statement


  • NodeJS Class
  • NodeJS Class Creation
  • NodeJS Prototype Chain
  • NodeJS Errors and Exception
  • NodeJS Globals


  • NodeJS Asynchronous Programming
  • NodeJS Web
  • NodeJS Buffer
  • NodeJS Global
  • NodeJS Process
  • NodeJS setTimeout setIntervel


  • NodeJS Module System
  • NodeJS Module Require
  • NodeJS File Modules
  • NodeJS Path Module
  • NodeJS fs Module
  • NodeJS OS Module
  • NodeJS util Module


  • NodeJS Packages
  • NodeJS Package.json File


  • NodeJS NPM
  • NodeJS Semantic NPM

Popular Package:

  • NodeJS Global Package
  • NodeJS Package Link
  • NodeJS Underscore
  • NodeJS Optimist
  • NodeJS Moment
  • NodeJS Color Package


  • NodeJS Events
  • NodeJS Global Events
  • NodeJS Event Handler


  • NodeJS Streams
  • NodeJS Readable / Writable Streams
  • NodeJS Custom Streams


  • NodeJS HTTP
  • NodeJS HTTP Headers
  • NodeJS HTTP Files

NPM Details

  • What is npm?
  • How to find & select packages
  • How to set up a new npm account & install npm
  • How to install local packages
  • Working with package.json
  • How to update local packages
  • How to uninstall local packages
  • How to install global packages
  • How to update global packages
  • How to uninstall global packages
  • How to create Node.js modules
  • How to publish & update a package
  • How to use semantic versioning
  • How to work with scoped packages
  • How to label packages with dist-tags

Website Development with ExpressJS, MongoDB, NodeJS:

  • Setup Express Framework
  • Start programming with Express Module
  • Create Router for app
  • Create Controller with ExpressJS
  • Create Model with ExpressJS
  • Create Basic Website Template using with MEAN Stack
  • Discuss system architecture
  • Resource Handling
  • Server Side Configuration
  • Client Side Configuration
  • Services Handling
  • Hooks Handling
  • Public Resource Developed and Maintained by AngularJS
  • Mongo Database Installation
  • MongoDB Basic Instruction
  • MongoDB Driver Setup with MEAN Stack
  • Session Handling
  • Cookies Handling
  • File Handling
  • VHost Configuration
  • Server Setup procedures

To start the course of JavaScript, you must have strong knowledge in basic HTML and CSS. If you don’t have enough knowledge of those, it is a high recommendation for you to learn basic javascript and take a course of web design immediately.

Shibaji Debnath provides the best nodejs course in Kolkata and many aspirants have obtained it till now and get success. Thus, if you want to become a professional in framework7 AngularJS, Shibaji Debnath, the best Nodejs Training in Kolkata is the one-stop destination for you. Enroll today!

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