React Native App Development

Course Duration: 30 Hours
Class Type: Online Live

Shibaji Debnath

Enrol in React Native Training in Kolkata to Hug More Job Opportunities

Prerequisite: ReactJS

Duration: 30 Hours

Class Type: Online/Offline

Price: ₹20000/-

Nowadays, the demand for react native training is extremely high in the market. React Native is a framework, which is broadly used for building native apps using Native. Facebook introduced this open-source mobile application framework for developing apps for iOS, Android, and UWP. Recently, maximum people in the world are using mobile phones; and to provide them better experiences with mobile apps, smartphone companies are continuously looking for developing new apps.

In the recent market, as the competitions are high, all mobile companies are looking for such a framework, which requires shorter development cycles, quicker time to deployment, and as an outcome, provides a better app performance. React Native is a cross-platform framework and it is suitable for developing both Android and iOS Mobile Apps efficiently. For that reason, React Native has high demand in the recent market. As React Native is a newly introduced framework, job requirements for react native developer are also remarkably high in this time. So, if you are looking for a mobile app development job, enroll react native training in Kolkata today for acquiring more and wide job opportunities.

Shibaji Debnath is a popular online training course provider in Kolkata provides react native training to candidates. No matter, if you are a fresher or has knowledge in react native framework, we start from the very beginning. Therefore, you can learn React Native framework step-by-step. Let’s take a look at what we cover in our react native classes.

Our React Native Course Details

Introduction to React Native

  • What is React Native & why?
  • What is really native in react native?
  • Setting up Android Studio
  • Running app on android Simulator & on a real device
  • Setting up Xcode for iOS development
  • Running app on iPhone simulator

Working with React Native Components

  • Creating layouts with View
  • Adding Text
  • Getting user inputs by TextInput
  • Adding Buttons for user interactions
  • Create custom interaction experience with Touchable components
  • Adding Image
  • Use Modal
  • Using a ScrollView
  • Create custom components
  • Generate list properly

Styling React Native App

  • StyleSheet component
  • Understanding flexbox
  • Positioning elements with flexbox
  • Styling text & other components
  • Adding inline styles
  • Creating responsive design

Navigating within React Native App

  • Install react-navigation package
  • Screen-based navigation
  • Tab-based navigation
  • Creating a side drawer
  • Customize our screens

Using Redux with React Native

  • Install redux & setup
  • Create store
  • Setup action & reducer
  • connecting react native to redux

Debugging React Native App

  • Debugging using remote JS debugging method
  • Debugging with react native debugger
  • debugging redux

Linking & Using Third-Party Library

  • Installing the library
  • Adding the library to Android
  • Adding the library to iOS
  • Using the library features

Handling HTTP Requests

  • GET data from the server
  • POST data to the server
  • Handling errors
  • Sending http requests
  • Fixing errors

Using Native Device Features – Map Location, Camera, Photo Gallery

  • Installing react-native-maps
  • Rendering Google map on both Android & iOS
  • Getting the device location
  • Installing react-native-image-picker
  • Pick an image from photo gallery
  • Capture photo using the camera

Authentication with Firebase

  • What is Firebase
  • Setup Firebase
  • Enable Firebase authentication
  • Login & signup the user
  • Working with auth token
  • Auto sign-in functionality
  • Refreshing the token

Publishing The App

  • Adding app icon
  • Adding a splash screen
  • Configure & build the app
  • Publish the app to play store(android) & app store(iOS)

As you can see, to learn react native framework, you need to have an idea of react JS. If you don’t have in-depth knowledge on it, you can join ours react JS classes in Kolkata. Our course fees are also very affordable for every course. So, you can avail any courses that you want to learn at any time. Our highly experienced faculties are teaching for a long span of time and many students have already availed ours react native training.

So, if you want to progress with mobile app development in your career, join Shibaji Debnath today for react native training in Kolkata and learn React Native in just 30 hours. Hurry up!

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