Master in React JS App Development

Course Duration: 30 Hours
Class Type: Online Live

Shibaji Debnath

React JS Training for Beginners and Intermediate Candidates

Prerequisite: Web Design & Basic JavaScript

Duration: 30 Hours

Class Type: Online Live Class

Price: ₹20000/-

Nowadays, job applicants with knowledge of React JS have high demand in companies. If you want to be a web developer, it is a high recommendation that you learn React JS appropriately. Learning React JS step-by-step is very important if you are a beginner. Because, in the technical field, concepts are the most important factors. If you don’t cover every single chapter in React JS, in the future, you might face problems. So, to learn React JS, at this moment, you need to search for the best React JS training and take admission to it.

Shibaji Debnath is a popular software technology trainer who provides react JS classes in Kolkata. If you are a beginner in React JS, Shibaji Debnath will be the best option for you. Here, you will be guided from scratch. Let’s take a glance at the react js course.

React JS Course Details:

Introduction To ES6 (Next-Gen JavaScript)

  • What is ES6?
  • Understanding “let” & “const”
  • Arrow Functions
  • Import & export
  • Understanding classes, methods & properties with babel
  • Spread & rest operators
  • Reference & primitive types

Getting Started with React

  • Why React & history of React
  • Installing the development environment
  • Using the create-react-app package
  • Understanding the project structure
  • Templating with JSX
  • Running our react application

Component, State & Props

  • Working with Components
  • Working with props
  • Understanding children property
  • Using state
  • Class-based components
  • Functional components

More on React

  • Handling events with methods
  • Manipulating state
  • Adding two-way binding
  • Adding styles with stylesheet
  • Style with inline styles
  • Setting styles dynamically
  • Setting classNames dynamically

Working with Lists & Conditions

  • Rendering content conditionally
  • Handling dynamic content
  • Generate lists using the map method
  • List & state
  • Key prop

Dig Deeper into React

  • Splitting the app into components
  • Stateful & stateless component
  • Understanding component lifecycle
  • componentDidMount() & componentWillMount()
  • Pure component
  • Using ref

Working with HTTP requests

  • Creating HTTP request to GET data
  • Rendering data properly to frontend
  • POSTing data to the server
  • Sending a DELETE request
  • Handling errors

Routing with React Router

  • Setting up the router package
  • Rendering components for routes
  • Switch between pages
  • Redirect requests
  • Navigating programmatically
  • Conditional redirects
  • Working with nested routes


  • Why redux
  • Installing the package
  • Setting up reducer & store
  • Dispatching actions
  • Connect react to redux
  • Passing & retrieving data with actions
  • Combining multiple reducers
  • Using redux devtools

Deploy the react application

  • Building the project
  • deploying it

React is widely famous as a JavaScript library for developing user interfaces.  Hence, to learn React JS, you must have an idea of JavaScript. But if you don’t have proper depth knowledge on it, join our javascript training classes immediately.

These days, to get desired jobs at your desired company, you need to learn fast and smart. Here, at Shibaji Debnath, you can learn React JS within just 30 hours. Therefore, if you learn with full concentration, you can learn it in almost 2 days only. To learn React JS, you also need to have concepts of website designing as well. As you can see our react js course prices are very inexpensive, you can easily avail it when you want.

Therefore, don’t waste any more time. Book a seat to the best react js training in Kolkata, i.e. Shibaji Debnath today and learn to react JS within 30 hours. Act now!

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