Master in Advanced Website Design

Course Duration: 30 Hours
Class Type: Online Live

Shibaji Debnath

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Prerequisite: none

Duration: 30 Hours

Class Type: Online Live Class

Price: ₹18000/-

Are you looking for website designing training in Kolkata, which will provide the best web design course at low prices? Leading web design training institute in Kolkata, Shibaji Debnath provides the best web design course with placement to students. Recently, almost every student, who likes designing, prefer web design learning. Web designing describes the process of developing a website. Basically, it makes a website distinctive and plays a decisive role that how your target audiences like your website. A good-looking website can impress visitors easily. Creating a curious website design is the first step to acquiring customers. Well-Interfaced website design helps a website owner to make a better conversion rate of their business, which leads a better revenue.

If you are thinking to chose web design as your career, then here is some good news for you. Website designing has a long and bright future. For that reason, learning website design step by step is very important. Nowadays, all website owner wants to furnish their website with the best design. Thus, if you have an interest in website designing, make it your goal; get ready to achieve it.

To start the journey choosing the best web design training is important. Therefore, at step no. 1, look for the best website designing training centre near you. For example, if you are from Kolkata, India, search for the best website design training centre in Kolkata. Our training centres are available in South Dumdum and Saltlake. If you are searching on the web for a web design institute near me or a professional web designing course in Kolkata Saltlake, then we are the suitable option for you.

Shibaji Debnath Affords the Best Web Designing Training in Kolkata

When you are browsing for web designing training in Kolkata, India, have you confused by seeing lots of websites in front of you and can’t decide whom to choose? Don’t get puzzled. Search for Shibaji Debnath – Web Design Course in Kolkata and obtain it. Here, you not only learn all bookish theories of web designing but also enhance your creative skills as well.

 Web design fully depends on creativity. Nowadays, in this competitive market, more or less all people learn the basics of website designing. But the problem is most of them don’t have creative ideas to make a creative website than other normal websites. Here, in web design training in Kolkata, you will learn how can use HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery as a professional. After the course ends, we will get a chance to work on 2 projects on web designing. Here you also learn Bootstrap 4 as well. Let’s look into our web design course syllabus.

Course Details


  • Introduction and Creating Content with HTML5
  • HTML5 Values and Units
  • What goes into a Web Document?
  • The HEAD Elements
  • Text Structuring Essentials
  • Character Formatting Essentials
  • Lists
  • Links
  • Tables
  • Frames
  • Forms
  • Colors and Images
  • Multimedia, Canvas tag, Drag and Drop
  • Special Characters
  • Web Storage API
  • HTML5 Graphics & Embedded Content
  • HTML5 Tips and Tricks


  • CSS3 Basics
  • Style Definitions
  • CSS3 Values and Units
  • CSS3 Inheritance and Cascading
  • Font Properties
  • Text Formatting
  • CSS3 Lists
  • Padding, Margins, and Borders
  • Colors and Background
  • CSS3 Layouts with Floating and Positioning
  • Pseudo Elements and Generated Content
  • Dynamic HTML5 with CSS3
  • Media Styles and Defining Documents for Printing
  • Formatting with HTML5 Tables
  • User Interface Styles
  • Testing and Validating CSS3
  • CSS3 Tips and Tricks


  • jQuery basics and functions
  • Using selectors with jQuery
  • jQuery event model
  •  Animation and advanced effects with jQuery
  • jQuery plugins
  • Manipulating page elements with jQuery


  • What is a responsive website?
  • Responsive one column website


  • Bootstrap basics and fundamentals.
  • Bootstrap Templating and Customization.
  • CSS Uses And Style Customization with Bootstrap.
  • Bootstrap Components Uses.
  • Bootstrap JavaScript Uses.

Website Designing With Sass(Advanced CSS)

  • Introduction of Sass.
  • How to set up a sass environment.
  • How to use applying advance CSS with Sass.
  • Creating Dynamic CSS using Variables, Operators, Nesting, Partials, and Modules.
  • Re-using CSS codes with a mixin, Extend/Inheritance.
  • Right Biggest CSS Codes in a shorter way.

Website Designing With TailwindCSS(Advanced CSS)

  • Introduction of TailwindCSS.
  • Environment Setup for TailwindCSS.
  • Uitility-Based Minimum CSS for Website Design.
  • Faster and Quicker Design with Modern CSS.

You can join our web design classes online or offline, at your convenience. We provide the best web designing courses for beginners. So, if you are an apprentice in web designing, undoubtedly, choose our best online web design courses.

After completing the website designing training, you can enhance your skills and knowledge with our advanced web design course as well. Therefore, at Shibaji Debnath, you can get a full package of web designing at a very economical price. So, for what are you still waiting? Get admission today at Shibaji Debnath at the enjoy the best website designing training in Kolkata. Hurry up!

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